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SIL Progress

“Science in Life” is humbled to have received encouraging response from the ecosystem and is on course to scale up its impact. Key progress highlights include:

  • Developed an ecosystem of teachers, 20+ global and local volunteers & science enthusiasts, mentors, donors, educational institutions, NGO and foundations like Xplora Design Skool, Manav Sadhna, Manav Gulzar, SciKnowTech, Make a Difference, GUJCOST.
  • Raised around INR 900,000/- to construct a STEM room, procure science and math kits, conduct field trips, set up a science room, engage volunteers and mentors and to impart training underprivileged students at a slum community to conduct a Science Fair in February 2019, train hand-picked children to participate in STEM competition, send these children to STEM training at Science City, IIT, SECMOL etc . Click here for glimpses of science fair preparations. Here’s a short video on the Journey to the Science and Math fair.
  • SIL’s first “Science and Math fair” was held on 7th February, 2019. It was an eye-opening and humbling experience.
  • Established a Science and Math lab at Manav Gulzar . Click to view photos of the inauguration event.
  • Impacting lives of 350+ underprivileged students through science and math education.
  • Impacted 15+ local teachers through Design thinking training. Conducting teacher-training programs on Design thinking to enable them to identify and creatively solve real-life problems through science, and transmit this knowledge to students
  • Generating interest in science and math, and arousing scientific curiosity in children. Sharing science knowledge through hands-on science and math experiments, and improved academic performance of underprivileged children
  • Organized field trips to science centres like Science City to nurture scientific curiosity, and to ecology parks like Indroda Nature park to foster the spirit of compassion and empathy towards our Mother Earth. Plans to conduct trips to Khoj, ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai community centre etc.
  • Making vernacular (Gujarati) language science and math videos.
  • The 100 Rupee challenge:  After the “Science in Life” fair in Feb 2019, the community children were given a challenge to create a scientific prototype using material around them within a constrained budget of INR 100. And here is what some of the these ignited minds came up with in April 2019!
  • SIL’s efforts have been recognized globally. Soham has been awarded the prestigious Diana Award from U.K for being a young change maker. He has also been selected as a GAP change maker, a Tata Trust supported initiative.
  • The Chairman of Innovation and Research Foundation, Gujarat, showcased this initiative as an innovation in STEM education in India, at an educational conclave. Watch from 42.45 to 44.50 mins of this video
  •  2019: STEM learning center built at Manav Gulzar through SIL’s fund raise initiative.
  • Aug 2019: Invited by SECMOL to its selective students’ visit and cultural exchange program. Soham ideated and  led the discussions with SECMOL team. Looking at the vision and activities of SIL at Manav Sadhna,  SECMOL has invited 12-20 students of the Manav Sadhna-SIL community  to spend 10-15 days at  its eco-friendly campus at Leh in mid May 2020. However, the plan has been defered due to COVID.
  • Dec 2019/Feb 2020: Interacted with Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) officials and secured GUJCOST’s support to reach out to local schools  to spread the vision of SIL, along with trying to replicate the “Science Fair Program of SIL” in other schools.
  • April 2020: Mentored volunteers to create a presentation on the scientific /biological aspects of COVID-19
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