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“Join us to make the world a better place through science”

“Science in Life” raises funds through its partner organizations who are registered NGOs/Foundations. Contributions to these NGOs/Foundations would be eligible for income tax / CSR benefits.

Project SIL needs financial support of approximately INR 200,000/- per community to conduct a 6-month program culminating into a Science Fair.

  • Mobilize volunteers and teachers for the community
  • Conduct science and math experiential knowledge sharing sessions twice a week
  • Organize four scientific and ecology field trips
  • Augment teachers’ capabilities through design thinking
  • Generate awareness to optimally use scare resources to solve real-life problems through science
  • Train children to independently conduct a science fair

Steps to contribute to the cause:

  1. Reach out to Soham at, or +91 9978660035, with your interest to make an impact through science.
  2. SIL will map NGOs/Foundations within the SIL ecosystem for accepting funds that would be directly used for the beneficiary community of underprivileged children
  3. Contribute the funds directly to the identified NGOs/Foundations.

SIL will provide each donor a regular progress report on the activities and fund utilization.

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